26 May 2011

Zambales: Taliyasen Cove

Do you want a vacation spot where you'll feel like you have the whole place just for yourself? The sun, sky, clouds, water, sand.. all yours? Well, you should try to visit Talisayen Cove.

Talisayen Cove is similar to its neighboring coves Anawangin and Nagsasa -- they only have beach huts where visitors can stay. However, Talisayen Cove offers a more quiet and relaxed environment.

We paid Php265 for a 3-hour bus ride from the Victory Liner Bus Terminal in Caloocan to San Antonio, Zambales. Then from Brgy. Pundaquit, it's a 45-minute boat ride going to Talisayen Cove (well, we left at 3:00AM, so the sea was still in deep sleep, thus, the fast travel time.)

As soon as we reached the place, I patiently waited for the sunrise before I surveyed the area for possible picture-perfect views. And it was worth the wait, and here's what I saw:

Click here for hi-res image

It was almost a deserted island. One will truly enjoy the beauty of this place -- no loitering tourists, no camping tents, no parked boats. It's just you and Mother Nature. :)

Bato-bato sa dagat. Bow. :)

We stayed in one of the beach huts situated along the shore. However, none of us slept inside it. I chose to sleep on a 'duyan', some decided to lie down on a 'papag', while the others stayed in their camp tents. I guess we just wanted to fully enjoy the fresh, salty air outside the hut. At night, the generator is turned on to provide electricity to each beach hut. So, no need to worry if you camera/mobile phone batteries are almost empty. :)

Prior to my trip here, I did some research about this place, and found out that there is a grotto built on top of a mountain. Unfortunately, I forgot that there are concrete steps going to the grotto. What I did was I literally climbed my way up through tall grasses, thorny branches, and slippery rocks, which later on I realized was actually a shortcut. Anyway, which ever path I take, there's only one destination.. the panoramic view of Talisayen Cove.

I was with them during my 2nd climb, and this time
I used the concrete steps. :)

Another hidden spot is what I shall call the Talisayen Falls (haha, I really don't know if it has a name). We reached one of the 'connecting' mini-falls after almost 2 hours of trekking.

That's all for now, carabao! If you are interested in visiting Talisayen Cove, you can go to their Facebook page for reservations. :)



wew! nice post! i've been in nagsasa zambales... ganda tlga sa zambales :)

Yes! Try visiting Talisayen Cove :)